Here you will find information on the most recent projects in which I'm currently working on.


I'm currently restoring a 1940 seaplane tender boat which was originally used by the Royal Air Force during WW2.

The distant goal would be to live in the boat sustainably and be able to work from it using it as a filmmaking studio. 

I'll be documenting the process as best I can and releasing episodes here on my YouTube channel as I progress. Ideally I'll be releasing them weekly. So make sure to subscribe if you haven't already.

You can also follow the journey on my Instagram account here:

Thanks for the support so far, as always stay productive and have fun creating!

I had a chance to record some visuals of the interior of the Savoy Cinema.

Here's - Remnants of the Sligo Savoy Cinema shot on the Blackmagic Pocket cinema camera.

This really isn't film related but recently I built parallel bars for furthering my calisthenics/bodyweight training. Feel free to check out the build video above. Here's the write up which also has been featured on Instructables. 

Here's a short hyperlapse I shot of the Sligo Town Hall on Thursday evening. Hyperlapses are a lot of fun and very easy to shoot, you just need time. It's the same concept as a time lapse except you move the camera for every frame you shoot which creates lovely dynamic movement or parallax. If you can use the rule of thirds frame guides on your camera I highly recommend you use them. This allows you to keep a part of your subject or point in your image as the center point while you move while filming your hyperlapse. You'll have to re frame after every move to realign this point. More hyperlapse videos on the way in the near future, so stay tuned!

I have finally got around to updating my 2017 showreel. The last year has really been great with a more consistent flow of client based work. If you're a regular viewer of my work you'll know I'm always trying to make my free time as productive as possible, so if I'm not working on a client video I'm out shooting stock footage or working on personal project related visuals to better my cinematography. I've included some shots from videos prior to 2016 as it's work I'm quite proud of and I feel it had to be included on this showreel. I hope you enjoy watching it.

Recently I created a promo video for Sonas Bathrooms, a bathroom showrooms based in Dublin. They are a sponsor of the Bray Wanderers football team, so we had Conor Kenna, Aaron Greene, Dylan Connolly and Rocky the mascot involved. I had a lot of fun putting this one together. I hope you enjoy it. 

Here's a frame from a music video I shot for Dean Gurrie's new single which will be released soon. We filmed the video in Lyons Cafe. I had a lot of fun creating this one. Make sure to stay tuned!

A few months back I filmed a few tracks with Dean Mahon in the studio. You might have seen the behind the scenes screen grabs which I posted further down the page a while back. Here's one of the tracks I shot of Dean performing 'Wonderful Tonight'. I really hope you enjoy the video, also make sure to like Dean's Facebook page to keep up to date with his music. Thanks to James at Aisling Recording Studios for allowing me to film in his amazing studio located in the Bricklieve hills near Castlebaldwin. 

Dean Mahon Music:

Dead Money with Dean Mahon:

Aisling Recording Studios:

Lakeside Productions:

I had the privilege of creating a promo video for Alan Williams Coaching. I'm really happy with the final result of this video. If you have any questions related to camera equipment or anything don't hesitate to leave a comment on the video and I'll answer it as soon as possible. Shot with the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera and Dji Osmo x3 cam.

I bought 5 film cartridges at the beginning of Summer with the aim to capture some moments on Super 8mm film. Here are those moments. Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe if you haven't already. Music details below. This is the first of two videos. Super 8 footage shot on the Canon 514xl with Wittner Chrome 200D film. Processed by Gauge Film. You can read more about why I've began filming on super 8 under 'news & updates' at the top of this page. or by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone for being apart of it and making it such an incredible year!

Here's a short little Christmas themed video we put together leading up to the Christmas rush. Filmed within a few hours and edited in between various corporate work. Thanks to the Sligo Waterglades garden centre for allowing us to use their premise for the video. Was a lot of fun creating this. We travelled to and from the location by boat. Time was really against us as the light was dying quick which made for a really run and gun filming style. Majority of the garden centre shots were filmed as they were locking up, so really fast paced shot times. It's a very short video but still had quite a bit of work behind it. Hope you find it entertaining and hopefully I'll put out more short film style work soon.

I had great fun working on the promo video for 'The Blind Tiger' which is a newly opened cocktail bar in Sligo Town. Great fun creating the promo video. Shot entirely on the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera. Make sure to check out the YouTube video above. If you have any filmmaking questions, or any questions for that matter don't hesitate to send me an email or drop a comment on the youtube video. Thanks for reading!

I've been devoting my time to editing more and more these days. Especially seeing as I'm also uploading more stock footage and getting more freelance work. If you're a filmmaker you know the deal but the majority of your time is spent inside in front of your computer screen for hours on end with allocated breaks here and there, be it for calisthenic workouts or filming some footage. So here's the footage I shot with my dad a few days back when the fog rolled in. The fog has been insane these days. I've never seen anything like it in the 21 years I've lived by the river. I've definitely not seen it hang around for this long. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video!

Delighted to have been given the opportunity to create a 35 second Xmas promo spot for the HMVSoundgarden night club in Sligo Town which features Aslan, Mundy and Dean Gurrie. If you have any questions on how I achieved any of the motion graphics or effects in the video, leave a comment on the YouTube video and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by. Below you'll find a select few frames from the video.

Cloud 9 Conference

Back in September I had the pleasure of filming the Cloud 9 conference in Carrick-on-Shannon. The conference took place over three days which included inspirational and motivational talks by 9 guest speakers. No one knew who these guest speakers were beforehand. The event also included film screenings, practical workshops, social events as well as activities such as kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, zip-lining, yoga and that's just to name a few.

The aspect in which I found interesting was not knowing who the speakers were, so it's something in which you can look forward to. I didn't know what to fully expect before setting out to capture the three day event but walking away from it, it was an experience to remember. The event is strictly limited to 99 attendees and the workshops were nice and small so this meant for a great networking opportunity also.

Each individual talk was inspirational and motivational in some way or another which meant they were also very insightful. The array of speakers: some from Ireland and others from all around the world with business backgrounds, social entrepreneurship, sport, music, charity who all came together to share their stories, lessons and self experiences which can help you focus on your own plans and goals. Although I was there to film and capture the event I was able to take away some vital information in which I can apply to my own life. It was a really great opportunity and I'm thankful to have been given it. 

If you would like to find out more info about the event you can check out the Cloud 9 website by clicking here.

You can also view the promo video I filmed below.

My THoughts on selling Stock Footage

For anyone who doesn't know I sell stock footage on Pond5. I started uploading footage almost 4 years ago now. You would think by now I would have thousands of files up by this stage. Unfortunately I don't, but recently I've been getting into a better routine with uploading footage more frequently. I will say to any freelance filmmaker out there. It's definitely worth doing. Recently my sales starting picking up.

When I started out uploading stock footage I'd upload two or three files, edit them and then leave it, to be honest I thought it was too time consuming. I was lazy.... I had the wrong frame of mind. It felt like forever until I sold any footage. This was probably due to the small amount of footage I uploaded at the time, but then again as of now I only have a few hundred files online and I'm making sales. Although it's not very consistent or dependable until you have a large library, it's still worth doing on the side. Just allocate a select amount of time towards uploading and editing stock footage. There's a vast amount of stock sites already out there and new ones. Some aimed towards professional cinematographers which you can't just sign up to and others where there are different selling points. The only reason I'm with Pond5 is because it's the first one I really came across. I'm not saying you should sign up to Pond5 just because I use it. Find out which one best suits you.

So whenever I'm not busy or there's a quiet spell in the freelance work I try to make my time as productive as possible. Whether that's doing physical fitness, building something or out filming footage. If you know me you'll know I hate free time... Once you finish off some work it's way too easy to just sit down in front of the TV for hours. Don't get me wrong we all need some down time, but wouldn't it be better if you could make that time productive every now and again. So for instance I find myself using that time to get out away from the computer, away from the edits. I'll head outside someplace new, someplace old and film. Shoot some b-roll/stock footage. Even if it's not wildly exciting I'm bettering my cinematography which I can then apply to future projects. Hopefully bettering my craft over time. 

Anyway back to the stock footage.. So sales from my stock footage and freelance work is allowing me to put time into personal projects. Personal projects are something I want to dedicate myself to more often, sooner rather than later. For a few years now I've wanted to create a short documentary piece based around the super8 footage my dad and uncle shot on the Garavogue river in the early 70's. Anyway that's a story for another time. (more about that footage below).

Here's my Pond5 page if you're interested in my stock footage.

Free time is the most expensive time you have, because nobody pays for it but you. But that also makes it the most valuable time you have, as you alone stand to reap the profits from spending it so wisely - Jarod Kintz

I've been busy filming content for Dean Mahon over the last few days. Here's a few frames from recording in the studio.

Here's the one take client video I directed for Molly's Diner. I've been wanting to shoot a one take video for some time now and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Keeping in mind I wanted the video to be as short as possible, while getting the message across to the viewer. This was shot using the Movi m5 and filmed on the Sony A7s.

Camera operator - Peter Clyne -
Sound/Boom operator - Niall Flynn -


Finally got around to putting up my Pallet wood shelf in the home studio.

Passenger Clothing Project

I'm currently working on an ongoing film-making project in collaboration with the guys over at Passenger Clothing and Barry Mottershead from Sligo Kayak Tours. Really excited about this project and showing you guys the results. We have the majority of the promo shot just waiting on the right conditions to shoot the remainder of the shots. You can find some frames from the shots below.

Nostalgic Super 8MM

I recently delved into super 8 film. The shots you see above are frames taken from Super 8 footage which were shot by my dad and uncle in the 70's. I took an interest in super 8 after watching these clips. As you can tell in the frames above the super 8 footage has plenty of cosmetic wear. The footage had been lying up for many years which has introduced plenty of mold. But luckily enough the footage has been digitized before it was beyond viewing. I find watching the footage nostalgic in a way. Especially seeing as I've grown up just right around the corner from my dad's house where the footage had been filmed. I guess the fact that we've water skied right past the front door every summer (and still do) would have had an impact. 

I plan to get this footage up online shortly. I'm having some trouble converting the files to be able to import them into an editing software. Once I add music to these clips I'll make sure to post the video here. So check back soon.

I plan to shoot a short mini documentary on this topic within the near future. It will be great being able to implement the old super 8 footage with recent up to date shots. 

I was fortunate enough to be given a super 8 Canon 514xl camera by a fellow film-maker early last year. But soon realised it was an expensive hobby to get involved in. Discovering this I put the camera on my shelf and soon didn't think much of it. Then late last year I stumbled across Adrian Bliss's YouTube video 'Super 8 - Tokyo & New Orleans'. It's so simple. It's just him travelling with friends around Tokyo and New Orleans. Here's what he said: 

"At the start of  the year I bought a 45 year old Super 8 camera and some rolls of film. I wanted to capture times spent with some of my closest friends in the simplest way possible. I didn’t want to worry about sound, settings or any of the other complications that come with modern day film-making"

Here's the two Super 8 films shot by Adrian Bliss

I realised there was something about the super 8 aesthetic. Watching the footage just makes you smile. It really has that nostalgic vibe to it. Maybe it's the way that it captives memories in those washed out colours. When you think of super 8 and you think of the past. Since watching Adrian's footage I've started to shoot super 8. I've shot two rolls of film leading up to Christmas.

Okay it's expensive it does get pretty pricey fast. So why bother?. The film itself cost roughly €40, the processing around €20 and scanning around £20. and that's for one cartridge around 3 minutes and 20 seconds in length if shot at 18 frames per second. Crazy right!. I've thought about that too. But if I just left the camera on the shelf and forgot about it. I'd regret it. I'm not going to shoot huge amount of super 8mm, but I am going to use it every so often. It's the perfect tool for capturing memories.

It's funny how nowadays filmmakers are starting to make digital footage look like film. You see it with big budget films, advertisements and dramas where they're using grain and light leaks to emulate film.

It's sad to think super 8 is dying out, especially seeing as certain Kodak film stocks cannot be processed in colour seeing as the chemicals aren't being made anymore. 

Kodak have recently announced that they'll be releasing a new Super 8 camera in Autumn of this year! Apparently upon buying the film it includes the processing and digital transfer. The lab will send you back your developed film and you'll receive a password to your digital scans so you can edit and share your footage. It would be nice to see Super 8 making a comeback. 

You can read more about Kodaks new camera here:

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