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Currently run by Fionn Macarthur // Below you'll find projects he's currently working on and recent work he has created. 

Refugees of Moria Documentary

As some of you may know I'm currently working on a documentary focused on the refugees of Moria, telling their stories and the NGO's who are helping them. I'm running a GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover my living expenses while I spend time on Lesvos working on this documentary.

I recently spent two months (April - May) on the Greek island at Moria Refugee camp filming documentary content with NGO's, hearing first hand stories and traumatizing experiences from refugees who have been forced to flee their homes due to war and persecution only to end up living in dire conditions within Europe. I had to return home to Ireland to work and raise enough funds to return. I’m now back on Lesvos since August 16th.

There are a few NGO's who are doing great things helping supply and distribute food and clothing to people in need.

Feel free to donate towards the production of my documentary, but if you’re not in a position to do so just by sharing my work with friends and family will help me out. You can also follow my Instagram here for daily updates.

I would be eternally grateful for any money contributed. This project is something I feel passionate about working on.

I want to thank my friends, family and anyone who has reached out and backed me along the way. I can't thank you guys enough, it really means the world. I'll be posting regular updates on the progress while I am here.

Here is the link to my GoFundMe fundraiser.

Boat Restoration Episodes

I'm currently restoring a 40' wooden seaplane tender boat which was built in 1940 for WW2. My aim is to turn it into an eco-home/filmmaking studio where I'll operate and film my stock footage from. If you're interested in following the project make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel Here.

Recent Uploads